How to get a strong and attractive personality that makes everyone respect you?

One of the most prominent definitions of personal attraction are those hidden and visible traits that make others attracted to you without conscious or prior planning, and are influenced by this personality and become as a leader for them. Here are the most important elements of attractive personality:

1- Don’t talk about your personal problems.

Sadness, pain and distress are elements that are already present in humans and can not be eliminated, but they must be hidden or reduced as much as possible so that others do not become bored because they are not compelled to participate in our sorrows.

2- Understand others

It is a good thing to try to understand the problems of others and to be a person who is kind to others not only on great occasions, but also on small occasions, as well as respecting the sorrows of others and showing pleasure in their joys.

3- Learn to listen to others

Listening to others earns you an attraction, because someone who mastered the art of listening to others’ conversations is loved by them. You have to let those around you talk freely, and then share your own opinion about what you’ve heard.

4- Do not be arrogant about others

Many believe in themselves that they are no less than others in anything. Therefore, transcendence may affect their relationship with you, and this can be in the way of talking and some inappropriate behavior, while humility makes you always win the love of others.

5- Show admiration at the right time

Every human being likes to receive praise, but not to the point of hypocrisy. In general, man needs to receive compliments and admiration that renews self-confidence, but it is preferable to show this admiration in a locality with a sincere word in a timely and appropriate manner.

6- Reasonable optimism

The optimist is always loved, he makes others see the world with the perspective of reality, but this optimism must be within reason and do not touch the imagination, The optimist never admits despair, but always renews hope to solve his problems and the problems of people around him within the limits of existing possibilities.

7- Accept others’ comments

It is good to receive feedback and criticize others with a welcoming mind, If these observations and criticisms are issued by sincere people who want nothing but the right help, but at the same time these remarks may be made by people who are hateful. In both cases, it is recommended that you accept what is directed to you from a note or criticism with a smile, no matter how it affects you.

8- Thinking calmly

When thinking about a subject, it is best to be calm and have inner peace, so that you can decide things in a smooth and uncomplicated way, but if your psychological state is bleak, do not try to resolve something, so that the result is not filled with fear and anxiety.

9- Thinking and acting in a good psychic

To be attractive, you must always behave with a good spirit, even if you have all the previous qualities. Without charity, you will lose an important element of personal attractiveness.

10- Honesty

Honesty is a basic characteristic of attractive personality, it is a deterrent weapon that we face defects in ourselves, and is also useful in optimism with others .. So the person who is hypocritical or double-sided or self-loving and hostile to others, do you think you will be an attractive person?!

11- Show your interest in others

You have to be aware of this human fact that your interest in others and showing that interest, will be the best way to gain respect and love of others, while your interest in yourself alone, and not show interest in others will drag you an army of enemies who will look at you with all triviality and scorn, and I do not think you want this.

People love who cares about them psychologically, emotionally and morally,
try this magic recipe and see how people are attracted to you, take care of your partners and family, and check out your colleagues and friends in your work environment. Do not forget your neighbors, let this behavior be the dominant behavior in your daily life. Always go to them and do not wait for them to come to you.

12- Be quiet, do miracles

Calm is a feature of success, and it is also an expression of a strong and cohesive personality. It is considered the title of a conscious and civilized person. On the contrary, that person, who turns up for the most trivial reasons, becomes annoyed by the most ridiculous of things. This, in fact, expresses a person with a weak personality, a narrow mind and a weak will.

Psychologists say that a person who is angry for the slightest reason is a weak person. Just like a weak tree that is affected by the simplest blow from the wind. A strong man is like a strong tree, since this tree has a firm root in the earth and its branches extend in the sky and also extend its roots deep into the earth, as a strong tree that is fixed in place and does not move or fall if the wind blows it. A strong man is also able to withstand the shocks and crises of his life.

It is the peaceful person who can win the hearts and the admiration of others. The truth is that violence breeds violence, anger generates anger, calm calms anger, just like water extinguishes fire. Be calm in dealing with others, use the tact to talk to the abusers to you, speak in soft and friendly words, this is the shortest way to win others, and get their respect.

13- Take care of your appearance

You should always be interested in your appearance, the way you wear clothes, and the appropriate times and places for these clothes. The human eye distinguishes the beautiful things as well as the ugly things, so people should always see you and you are brilliant and at your best. This will help to make a good impression on your personality and your taste in general. Because the artistic taste of man always grows by using his mind and senses well to show the beauty that exists in the surrounding things.

It is necessary that the beauty of the appearance be parallel to the beauty of the interior, and when your heart, and your appearance (the body), in one panel, with a consistent colors… So as a painting, you will be in the utmost splendor and beauty.

14- Body language is one of the secrets of your attractiveness

Let me show you that people are affected by your words by 7% and are affected by your voice level by 38% and your influence on them through your body language, 55%, the way you walk confident in non-arrogance, and your use of your hands moderately is not rigid or it moves without balance and facial expressions and your interaction With the opposite side and let them know that you are with him, even if you do not speak a word. Through the language of your body, you can feel the strong communication between you and the person you talk to. Now I would like to remind you of certain steps to communicate in body language.

  • Be sure to measure the distance between you and the other party while standing in front of him, do not be very close to him so as not to get upset by this, and not far away from him, feels that he is not desirable.
  • Tune in with the tone of his voice. If the tone of his voice is high, speak in a similar tone of that person’s tone to feel that you share him psychologically. And of course the opposite.
  • Contact the speaker with your eyes, that is, look at him in general and not just focus on the speaker’s eye during conversation.

15- Know the personality patterns of the opposite person

There are sensory, visual and auditory characters, as well as figures called the total personality and detailed personality, there are those who are optimistic or pessimistic, and there is also a segment of characters called open to the world and other segments that are known to be self-centered. All these traits must be recognized so you know how to be attractive to them.

How do you prepare yourself to be an attractive personality?

Imagination, and that is to imagine what you want to be programmed on it. Such as someone who wants to program himself to dream and endurance lives a life of this character and imagine that he became them and imagine the image of this attribute and hear the words of admiration and feel the feelings of joy and pleasure.

Simulation or imitation and positive imitation. This means that you choose a particular person or even many people who share the same qualities, following these people and imitating their behavior, way of thinking and way of living in general.

Finally, be educated and knowledgeable. People do not usually like to talk to people who are stupid or narrow-minded.

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