From a bookstore at home, to a founder of e-commerce

Jeffery P. Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 in the state of New Mexico. His mother was not married for more than a year after his birth. His mother married a man named Mike Bezos of Cuba when her son Jeff was four years old. It was a very affordable family.

They then moved to the US state of Houston for residency and work. At an early age, Bezos showed great interest in mechanics and electrical energy. When he reached adolescence, in secondary school, his family moved back to live in another state, Florida, and began a love relationship between Jeff and the computers. Jeff was a diligent student in high school.

After graduating from high school, he wanted to go to university to study physics, but he quickly changed his mind to choose what he liked, computer science. Many people did not know what the Internet was at that time. However, this was the time when the United States began to develop the Internet and everything related to it and many large companies started to intervene in one way or another in the field of the Internet.

After Bezos graduated from the university with a degree in computer science, he joined a stock exchange company in Wall Street and was a computer engineer who was in the field of study and progressed in the job quickly to the highest levels in management. In the meantime, until 1994, there was no e-commerce.

The idea of establishing the Amazon site

Jeff noted the big turnout and the increase in Internet users. He started thinking about doing an Internet-related business, not just a traditional business. He simply began to look at the most goods that were mailed to buyers and began to think about how this kind of trade would be professionally done online.

Jeff noted that the book trade was not popular by mail because a catalog of books in a library would be a bit too big and would be difficult to mail, so he decided to learn something about the book trade.

The next day, he decided to travel to a large bookshop and learn all about the book trade himself. When he saw the amount of books sold in this place, he said, ‘All you need to do is create one place to sell all these books’ on the Internet.

It was a new idea to collect the most important books in one place and readers can find the books they want to read and then buy directly from the same place and through the Internet (Jeff was still at the same time employees of the same company).

A major risk

The owners of the company where Jeff worked were not ready to make such a move when he told them. His manager advised him, ‘It’s a good idea, but I do not advise you to quit and this idea might be better for those who do not have a good job like your job’.

Jeff then had to choose between two options: either to continue his job with guaranteed fixed income or risk leaving this job and full time to go ahead with his project, a decision that is not easy to take because it is a life risk that either succeeds and continues or may fail, and so he lost everything.

But in the end Jeff decided to make the crucial decision to leave work and full time to start the project ‘to sell books over the Internet’ and to achieve one of his wishes that was the possession of a company or work of his own, and his wife was the first and largest fans to proceed with his decision and achievement What he wants.

The establishment of the Amazon site

Jeff and his wife only took the decision to travel to Florida over the weekend where his mother’s husband, Mike Bezos, lived. Who also gave him a car and took off the car with his wife days after this critical decision, especially now that he has no work, heading to the city of Seattle.

The plan was planned all along the way. The plan included several names for the bookstore site but his lawyer advised it to change it as it was not good. It was changed three times until Amazon settled on the Amazon River in South America due to its large number of branches and because it was Already planned to spread just like the branches of this river.

The plan also included the possibility of a failure of seventy percent and a 30 percent probability of success. Jeff and his wife finally arrived at the destination where Amazon would be established.

Bezos began to set up Amazon after working legally with his lawyer, starting with a two-room house that served as a bookstore, and he wired the computers to the garage.

He made wooden tables from the old doors he needed at the lowest cost to put the computers on them. Jeff did not know then that Amazon would become the first online store and the best in the world and that his adventure will write this great success.

The project initially needed funding, but he did not have much money at the time. He offered the idea to his parents that he was working on an Internet-related project and there was a 70 percent chance that they would lose their money if the project did not succeed.

They gave him a sum of three hundred thousand US dollars, which was the bulk of their capital, but they confirmed that they believed in the abilities of their child and not in the Internet itself because they did not know what the Internet at the time.

Indeed, nearly two years after the founding of Amazon, they became one of the billionaires thanks to their trust in their son and other shareholders of the Bezos family among America’s billionaires.

Amazon thought to turn Amazon from one of the world’s best bookshops to the world’s best trading site in 2000. Two years later, international companies selling electronics, clothing, toys, digital products and other products signed up with Amazon store owner Jeff Bezos. He was famous in many parts of the world for selling books.

The products, which have come close to four thousand known international brands, have already been added in a few years, the first and best electronic store selling everything in the United States and the world, with annual sales estimated at $ 10 billion in 2006.

Today, Amazon ranks first in the world among e-stores and second in terms of rankings after Google, which is the second most important site on earth.

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