Tips For Treating Insomnia

Doctors agree that sleep is of critical importance to your physical and mental health. Therefore, even a few hours of deprivation can cause catastrophic consequences for your overall lifestyle. So we offer you a cure for insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia

  • Block blue light in the bedroom

The blue light emitted from your cell phone or computer or a digital clock next to you sends short waves that interfere with your sleep. So be sure to close your cell phone or computer during your sleep and if the light source can not be closed, you should cover it by cover at least an hour before the start of your sleep.

  • Avoid siesta

If you have trouble sleeping, the nap will make it worse, but if it is unavoidable as a result of exhaustion, be sure to be no longer than 20 minutes early in the day. So be sure to spend the afternoon at work to avoid surrender to exhaustion and take a few of the disappearance by walking or drinking a cold drink or contact a friend to follow you about this feeling.

  • Avoid having the clock in front of you

We usually look at the wall clock during sleep to find out how much time is left to get up from sleep and do the heavy daytime burden again, which causes our suffering during sleep. So be sure to keep the clock out of your view by placing it in the stairs or under your bed or any other way away from the scope of your sight and do not forget as we mentioned blocking the screen that sends the blue light.

  • Put a pillow between your legs

Some may suffer from back pain. This pain may be mild and weaker than being awakened by the person but confuses your sleep in deep stages. Therefore, placing a pillow between the legs contributes to the compatibility between the lower back and hips, allowing you better rest and lower back pain, while some sleep on the back is putting a pillow down the knees to feel more comfortable.

  • Keep your neck in a good position

If you wake up and discover that you are suffering from neck pain, you know that the reason is the pillow you put under your head. You will discover that it is too large to make the neck high or small, making the neck lower than the rest of your body. It is more likely that the neck is in a neutral and appropriate position for your body, and that sleeping on the abdomen leads to neck necrosis resulting in the same symptoms. So make sure that the level of your neck is appropriate for the rest of your body and avoid the strange situations, such as watching the television while you receive on the bed where the person tries to use a pillow higher to enable him to watch the television screen, and of course, to twist his neck.

  • Mattress bed

Sometimes a bedclothes cleaner has a role in an incomplete sleep. The mattress is unclean and may lead to smelling or sneezing. The presence of dust in the mattress leads to intermittent sleep. So be sure to clean the mattress.

  • Make your room a place to sleep only

Stop reading books, watching TV, or talking on the phone while you’re on the bed because it loses its importance and value as a place of rest for you.

  • Adjust the body clock

Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day even on vacation days helps to put the brain and body in a sleep cycle and wake up healthy, resulting in the speed of sleep when going to bed. Also, be alert to the bright sunlight in the morning when you wake up because the sun is the largest regulator of the biological clock.

  • Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine in coffee, chocolate, and other foods and beverages starting in the afternoon because they interfere with important stages of sleep. Remember that some parenteral pills and weight loss pills also contain amounts of this substance.

  • Cure insomnia by exercising

Exercising is useful in gaining a healthy sleep as it energizes the body during the daytime and makes it alert but try to do it 4 to 5 hours before going to sleep.

  • Eat properly during the night

Stay away from eating fat, carbohydrates and large meals late because they harm your digestive system and affect your sleep. Eat light foods such as cheese, yogurt and cereals. But you should eat these foods before going to sleep for at least an hour.

  • Avoid alcohol

Despite the calming effect of alcohol and causing it to feel drowsy, this effect quickly ends and causes intermittent sleep.

  • Reduce the number of times you go to the toilet during sleep

By stopping to drink two hours before bedtime because feeling like urinating will cut your sleep and may fail to go back to sleep again after going to the toilet.

  • Gradually reduce lighting

When your sleep time approaches, reduce lighting at home and get rid of worries and thinking about complicated things because this helps to secrete the hormone that leads to sleep.

  • Avoid noise during sleep

Things like a baby screaming, barking a dog, or a spout from which water droplets fall can affect sleep. Especially parents who have suffered from the crying of their babies all night, are more affected by these sounds. So earplugs can be used during your sleep to get rid of it.

All the previous tips to reduce the feeling of insomnia, but if insomnia despite all the previous attempts exist and continuous for more than a month may be insomnia is a symptom of another disease such as depression or back pain or arthritis or asthma or the use of some types of drugs.

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