What are manufacturing industries

The industry has undergone several processes that transform raw materials into end products that contribute to the needs of the people. The industry has been affected in general by the developments in human life.

It coincided with the development of the stages of the economic environment affecting the growth and prosperity of societies. At first, it adopted livestock grazing, moving from one place to another, and hence the interest in agricultural work, leading to the transformation of societies into industrial societies characterized by their dependence on institutions and establishments working in the field of industry. This contributed to the transformation of agricultural production or natural resources on the surface of the earth , Or extracted from its interior into a range of products useful to human societies.

Manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries, are operations based on human capacity and machinery; in order to reach the implementation of large-scale production. According to the United Nations, manufacturing industries are mechanical transfers of inorganic or organic materials to access new materials through the use of manual or automated means, whether applied in homes or factories. It is therefore possible to say that manufacturing industries in general have been responsive to all The human needs that are increasing over time; by providing consumer or secondary goods that are used as raw materials in manufacturing.

Types of manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are divided into many sectors, each of which operates in a specific field. Examples of the most important types of manufacturing are: food industry, textile industry, clothing, paper, wood, petroleum materials, chemicals, plastics and metals. For the electronics industry, such as: computers, machinery, and the manufacture of electrical appliances.

Development of manufacturing industries

Manufacturing industries have greatly influenced the history of economics; they have contributed to the development of many economic terms and concepts, supported capitalists, and the labor force in societies. Before manufacturing reached the level of economic activity, several characters emerged based on the efforts of individuals. Mainly from the period of industrial revolution in the period between 1760 and 1840, where the transition from handicrafts to mechanical industries has contributed to the impact of manufacturing industries on several key developments, the most important of which is the development of innovation Which have helped to improve productivity and increase productivity; thus reducing the costs of obtaining products from diverse industries.

The development of manufacturing industries has had a positive impact on the economic sectors of the countries of the world, namely the countries of Europe, the United States of America and Japan, which have supported the development of labor efficiency, improved professional skills and improved living standards. This has resulted in improvements in the educational system. Human knowledge in accounting, economics, engineering, medicine, science and mathematics has also diversified. The improvement in the economic sector in these countries has led to increased demand for the terms of reference holders; which contributed to the provision of qualified manpower and skilled commensurate with the requirements of the activities of manufacturing industries.

Requirements for growth of manufacturing industries

The growth of manufacturing depends on the supply of a range of requirements, which motivates them to grow and develop in the best ways. The most important examples are raw materials and energy. The basic rule for implementing the work of manufacturing industries is the use of raw materials and converting them into other forms. Industries to take advantage of all forms of resources available by the best means, while ensuring the provision of skilled workers; because human components are very important in the application of manufacturing processes, the use of modern machines and devices is not a reason to give up On the human elements, but depends on the operation of the need to have trained workers to deal with them; so that the benefits of their presence in the industrial work environment.

The volume of market demand is another of the requirements for the growth of manufacturing industries. It is the means used to measure the quantity of a specific manufacturing industry. It also helps in determining the size of the market in which the industry will be located. Determining the size of the productive elements that help to implement the industry, the capital is one of the requirements used in the growth of manufacturing industries; it contributes to the establishment of the main base for the construction of any kind of transformational industry, In the past. It is possible to provide capital through financial savings.

Industry rankings in all countries of the world

The industrial structure of the manufacturing environment of the world’s industries has been adopted to classify it into a group of classifications, each of which has distinct characteristics. The following is information on the most important of these categories:

Classification according to the basis of manufacturing and extractive industries: is the division of industry into two types, namely extractive and transformative; by relying on the production process; ie, studying the effect of the raw materials.

Classification according to the size of projects: is the division of industries to medium and small.

Classification according to ownership of projects: is the division of industries into a mixed, general, private, cooperative.

Finally, the classification according to the main activities and branches: is the classification based on the International Standard Classification of Industrial Activities and is one of the most important classifications used in the implementation of the international statistics of the United Nations.

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